Cotswold Running Festival - Run101 discount

30 Jul, 2019 12:07 By: admin admin

The organisers of the Cotswold Running Festival have been in touch to see if we can accommodate some of the runners that were going to be competing in their event this weekend following the very difficult decision to cancel it at such a late stage.

The Sublime TWENTY4 in association with Vodafone is a beautiful course and will provide a very similar experience to those that still wish to compete in the 24 hour challenge this weekend.

We would be delighted to support our friends at Run101 and their competitors with a concessionary 10% reduction, on receipt of entry confirmation to the Cotswold Running Festival event.

Please enter the race as per normal and email your Cotswold entry confirmation to as soon as possible whereby we will refund the balance accordingly. A screenshot or clear photo is acceptable if you have a problem forwarding.

Anyone that has already entered may also email their Cotswold Running Festival entry confirmation and we will refund the balance to the concessionary rate for you.

As a note to our own runners, please understand that this concessionary rate is not a discount of our event but some recognition for those that have already paid their entry fee and due to sad events are not able to take part.

We have been inundated with questions, so may we please ask that you check our Runners Information Guide & FAQS as your first port of call.