Sublime 10k - Fifteen Race Passport - plus exclusive technical t-shirt.

Save Money
Save £80 with a 15 Race Passport. (based on an unaffiliated runner at full event price)

Guaranteed Entry
Passport holders are guaranteed to gain entry to any Sublime 10k event within the next 24 months up to 7 days before the event.

This Sublime Racing Passport entitles the owner to fifteen race entries into any Sublime 10k races.
These race entries can be used by the owner themselves or to enter friends or family.
The Passport is valid for 24 months.

Plus a Sublime Racing technical t-shirt, exclusive to Passport holders.

If you are purchasing a Sublime passport for somebody else, please be aware that the name on the order, is who the passport will be addressed to.
If it is a surprise, please order the passport in your own name and it will be sent to you with a blank envelope.

5 Race Passport
10 Race Passport
15 Race Passport