Venue to be confirmed.
Provisional date: 8th August 2020
Welcome to the Sublime TWENTY4 - 24 hour race

The headline race of the Sublime TWENTY4 event.
The challenge is to run as many laps of the 10k course as you can in the 24 hours from midday Saturday to midday Sunday.

Each lap will be electronically recorded by chip.
The beautiful multi-terrain course winds its way through the spectacular meadows and woodlands of the Cambriddgshire countryside.

Runner information and FAQS

The 24 hour race can be run as a solo runner, in pairs or in teams.

The categories are as follows:

Solo, Pairs, Small Teams (3-5 participants) & Large Teams (6-8 participants)

The weekend includes:
24 hour race
12 hour night race
10k multi-terrain race
5k multi-terrain race
1k budding athletes (kiddies) race


























Event Details

Event Contact Details

: 07393182830