Enervit Peterborough Marathon (EPM) Preparation Races Series 2021

Welcome to the Enervit Peterborough Marathon Preparation Virtual Race Series


We have put on a set of three virtual races to allow the participants of the Enervit Peterborough Marathon to train and race in progressive steps.

In light of the lack of alternative races, we felt it would be helpful for our athletes to have these races available to them.

The races will increase in distance over the two months running up to the Marathon.


EPM 15 Mile Preparation Race 2021 (Virtual)
03/04/2021, 06:00 - 04/04/2021, 22:00
£0.00 to EPM Participants

EPM 18 Mile Preparation Race 2021 (Virtual)

17/04/2021, 06:00 - 18/04/2021, 22:00
£0.00 to EPM Participants

EPM 20 Mile Preparation Race 2021 (Virtual)

01/05/2021, 06:00 - 02/05/2021, 22:00
£0.00 to EPM Participants


These races are planned to give you the opportunity to gain feedback on how your training is going and to improve your confidence as you progress through your training.

All of these races are free and exclusively for the participants of the Enervit Peterborough Marathon 2021.



Can I choose my own Route?

Yes, you must complete the stated race distance as a continuous race, on the route of your choice at a pace of your choice. Your route must start and finish at the same place for your time to be validated to show in the results. Please avoid busy routes or parks and be considerate to others by keeping at least 2m apart when passing on your route. Runs must be completed outdoors (treadmills runs are unfortunately not accepted).


When do I have to run?
Please run between the times stated above for each race.


How much do the races cost?
Registration is free for participants of the Enervit Peterborough Marathon 2021. You should receive a code for each race. If you do not have one please email info@sublimeracing.com.


How do I submit my results?

Please upload your results (including your elapsed time) on the same day as your race via your profile.  A photo of your time on a smartwatch or fitness device can also be uploaded along with the URL from your results website (Garmin / Strava etc). All validated entries will appear within the Sublime results page.


Do I have to run on my own?

Runs can be completed solo, or within a small group pertaining to current government guidelines.


Can I give my place to another runner?

No, entries are non-transferable.