Covid-19 Update



Covid-19 Update – 5th May 2020

We know many of you will be wondering about the Enervit Peterborough Marathon planned for Sunday 13th September 2020, considering the current restrictions in place regarding the outbreak of COVID-19.

Most of the Sublime team are seasoned marathoners, so we totally understand how the uncertainty around mass participation events is so difficult for you at this time.

Not knowing if an event will be given the go ahead is very difficult, especially when you are preparing to invest huge amounts of time and effort in your training plan. We are currently 18 weeks out from the rescheduled date and we are aware that some of you will be embarking on your training plans, so we wanted to share with you everything we currently know and understand about the situation.

We are reviewing things regularly and we are constantly looking for some indication as to whether all or some events are likely to be given the go ahead by September. At this stage there is no clear answer so we have set out below the Criteria that we currently believe would need to be met for the event to go ahead.


The Criteria

We are geared up to run the Enervit Peterborough Marathon on September 13th, 2020 providing the following three criteria are met within a suitable time frame:

1. The Government has removed all the restrictions on events with less than one thousand participants

2. The perception of the public and local residents is such that it would be deemed ethical to run the event

3. We are confident that it is safe to run the event for our staff, volunteers, runners and local residents



There are some elements of the Enervit Peterborough Marathon that may well go in our favour. Our field of runners is less than one thousand, which could be a factor in how the restrictions are lifted.

Also, we have a greater ability to tailor proceedings to cater for social distancing. We are considering options such as a time trial start, potentially giving each competitor a designated unique start time, rather than huddling in a starting pen.

Our course too is largely a beautiful rural route which would have less impact on the city than some other city events.

Prior to lockdown we successfully ran a 10k and Half Marathon event with Social distancing measures in place that proved to be highly effective. For example, we had an open start and invited competitors to cross the start line chip mats at their leisure during a 15 min period.

We removed the baggage, catering and massage facilities and asked the competitors to use their vehicles to store their own bags. The Enervit Peterborough Marathon car park is only several hundred meters from the start and finish line, so this mitigation could be an option for this event too.

We are reviewing all elements of the event and looking for ways to satisfy Social Distancing measures that could be a factor in whether the event is able to go ahead.

The fact of the matter still stands though that we simply do not know.


The Options

At this stage we want to furnish you and all of our runners with as much information as we can and encourage each individual to make the decision that best suits themselves, rather than imposing a further postponement on everyone only to find that we potentially could have run the event.

The options open to you as a runner are to remain entered and run in September if the above criteria are met. This of course means that you will need to continue with your training as planned to be prepared for the Marathon, whilst also facing the possibility that the event will not be allowed to go ahead.

Alternatively, you may choose to make the tough decision now to postpone to next year and avoid the training for an event that may not take place. We also offer the option of a voucher that can be used against any other Sublime event over the next 24 months.

Should you wish to remain entered and continue with your marathon training, and the event cannot go ahead due to Covid-19, you will automatically be transferred to the 2021 event or provided with a voucher as above.

We are going to extend the date by which you need to notify us of your decision to the 30th of June, in light of the ever changing and uncertain situation.

If you would like to postpone your entry to 11th April 2021 or request a Sublime Racing voucher, please email and let us know what you would like to do. Please allow us several days to respond as we process entry change requests in batches. If you wish to remain in the event planned for September 2020, you do not need to do anything.

We will continue to review the situation and update our Facebook page and our runners directly via email of any significant changes.

Until then, please stay safe and well.

Thank you so much for your kind patience and understanding during this very difficult time.


Kind Regards

Martin & the Sublime Team.



Covid-19 Update – 16th March 2020

Along with so many other event organisers we have been monitoring the situation closely over the past few weeks and we have been implementing some robust plans to cater for many eventualities.

We have tried our very best to ensure that our event could go ahead, despite there not being a ban in place that currently impacts on the Enervit Peterborough Marathon, we envisage one may come soon.

However, this is not the reason that we are postponing our event until later in the year. The reason is much more personal than that. The Government may set a ban on gatherings of over a thousand people, in which case we would technically be allowed to continue. We had increased our medical provision to ensure that we would have been totally self-sufficient and propose no risk of increased demand to the NHS.

But the one thing we could not be sure of is that we would not be responsible for bringing the virus to one of our runners, volunteers or team. We will all be going home to our loved ones and in some cases they may be at a higher risk than us marathoners.

So, it is for this reason that Sublime Racing has taken the very tough decision to postpone until later in the year.

At Sublime Racing we are all runners and most of us are seasoned passionate marathoners. We understand the months of training and the commitment that has gone into the preparation and we know how disappointing this will be.

There are 30 people on our Crew that each give their time and commitment for the love of bringing wonderful races to you, plus hundreds of volunteer Race Makers. I don’t want to put them or their families at risk and the same applies to all our runners and their families.

The planning and contingencies that have been prepared over the recent weeks to bring you a marathon have been incredible but none of this is visible to the outside world.

The decision to postpone is very hard for my team and crew as well as you, the runners.

We will issue a further update over the next couple of weeks regarding the next steps.



Covid-19 Update – 14th March 2020

We are continuously reviewing the latest guidance to ensure that the event is safe to run and will inform you of any changes. We are suspending further entry bookings to the Enervit Peterborough Marathon pending clarification of the overnight reports. We will be updating this page and our Facebook page with any updates as soon as they arise.


Should you feel unwell please do not attend any event, please seek medical attention

We would also like to take this opportunity to remind runners of the importance of good personal hygiene including hand washing (For a minimum of 20 seconds) and use of hand sanitizers. Hand sanitizer will be available for use at registration as well as within the portable loos. Our professional Medical Team will continue to review the status of the Coronavirus outbreak and the relevant guidance from government agencies and we will issue updates via our social media of any changes.