Benefits Of Sponsorship

Benefits of becoming a Sponsor

You will enjoy a high return for your marketing spend along with the feel good benefits associated with the corporate social responsibility (CSR) element of supporting the town's big event. More often than not it’s a mix of these two elements that motivate partners to become a sponsor.

Return On Investment

It’s very hard to measure ROI from sponsorship but below we look at how you can translate a sublime racing sponsorship package into extra sales, more customers or staff engagement. The return generally comes from two broad areas:


Becoming an event sponsor is an external activity aimed at going out to your customers and markets to gain these three specific brand benefits

Brand stature:

It will elevate your brand's stature in the market place by becoming the town's big event Sponsor. Your brand will be highly visible before, during and after the actual event. With all marketing material bearing the sponsors branding.

  • Before the event: For a race with a capacity of 400 competitors, approximately 10,000 athletes within the catchment area will be reached in our marketing plan, involving local sports centers, running specialist retail partners and all running clubs and groups. The details of how we work so closely with our running club partners can be seen here. In most cases there will be local radio and press coverage prior to event, publicizing the event.
  • During the event: As a Sponsor, your brand will be associated with Key elements of the day, including the category prize winners, such as Race Winner (Male and Female), Team Winners (Male and Female). Your branding will be visible on signage where possible and all communications will will present your brand.
  • Post Event: The coverage through local press and often radio will include results and reports on the performances of the athletes that took part, along with any other notable happenings on the the day. All of the participants receive a complementary digital photograph of them crossing the finish line displaying their gun time and these images will be framed with the event title bearing the title sponsors branding. These photos are inevitably proudly displayed on one's social media profile.
Brand attitude:

Align your brand with the active healthy clean and vibrant lifestyle and attitude of our demographic. With running and multi-sport participation growing at a strong rate year on year. There are now more than 8,000,000 runners in the UK that have run at least twice in the last month and over 2,500,000 runners affiliated to a registered club with England Athletics. The sport attracts successful, focused and competitive minded people as well as those simply looking to keep themselves in shape and looking great without the competitive element.

Brand loyalty:

Sponsorship is the kind of activation that can support companies that want to nurture a new audience or customer base as well as reinforcing their links with the customer base they already have.


The second area driving event sponsorship is internal marketing, aimed at the company’s own staff.

Through sponsoring an event they can

  • show staff what kind of a company they are, and
  • they can get their staff involved

Event sponsorship these days is about taking part. It’s not just about writing a cheque and seeing your name stamped all over banners. That's why we encourage all of our sponsors to get their staff and customers involved in the event, lapping up the atmosphere and maybe even racing