Midsummer 10k pre-race email




Dear Runner,

Thank you for entering the Advance Performance Peterborough Midsummer 10k. Please find details of the event below.
Ferry Meadows Country Park, Ham Lane, Peterborough PE2 5UU
Sunday 13 June 2021
1st runner to start: 09:00
We will call runners into the start funnel in batches based on your predicted finish time. Please listen out for the call for you to come into the start funnel.
For example, "Please can all runners with a predicted time of 35-40 mins please make their way to the start funnel whilst maintaining social distance"
Race Number
You have Race Bib Number: (See Start List below)
Bib numbers: 1-952: You should have received your race number by Royal Mail this week. If you have not received your race number, please email info@sublimeracing.com.
Bib numbers: 1000-1100: You should have received your race number by Royal Mail this week. If you have not received your race number, please email info@sublimeracing.com.
Bib numbers: 953-999: 
You will need to collect your race packs from the information tent on race day.
Bib numbers: above 1100: You will need to collect your race packs from the information tent on race day.
Update: 12.06.21 - If you have not received your race number through the post, please come to the information tent on Race Day and we will try and help you.
Start List
You can view the start list here.
To help us manage the parking process please display your race number in your car windscreen as you enter the park, you will then be directed to the event car park by our Parking Marshals.
The Course
We have a scenic traffic-free course around the beautiful Nene Park. Course Map
Our course has been officially measured and the event holds a certificate from UKA.
Emergency Bag Drop 
Please leave your baggage in your car if at all possible. The car park is within a few hundred meters of the start and finish area.
If you cannot do this for any reason, an emergency bag drop area will be available. Your race number bib has a tear-off tag for your bag. Please attach your tag to your bag before you use the bag drop. We are operating a one-way system in the baggage drop area. You will NOT be able to enter or exit the bag drop area without your race number. Please be aware the baggage area will be outdoors, in the event of wet weather you will be supplied with a clear plastic bag to put your bag in.
We are respectfully asking you not to bring a bag to the start unless you absolutely need to.

Warm-Up Area
There is a large warm-up area, please stay within this area to warm up.

Start Procedure 
You will be called from the warm-up area over the PA system to join the start funnel by your predicted finish time. Please wear a disposable face covering while lining up in the start funnel. You will walk through the start funnel, remove your mask and will be started at 2-second intervals. Your time will not start until you cross the start line. Please keep away from the start area until you are called to race.
Safety Briefing  
Your race safety briefing will be pre-recorded and sent to you via email and posted on social media. It will detail the usual race information as well as the extra covid-19 measures in place.
You must watch the race brief. This is mandatory.
This event is on closed roads and as such, all types of headphones, or similar devices are allowed.
Sublime Racing recommends the use of 
Aftershokz open-ear bone conduction headphones because you can wear them in any Sublime race and they allow you to hear the instructions from marshals, other competitors and vehicular traffic.
The Sublime Team
Our lovely Racemakers will guide you around the course, please listen to any instructions they give you and act on them. Your safety and the safety of others is their priority. There are marshalled road crossings (private road) on the course, please keep yourself safe and listen to the Racemakers instructions when crossing. Please be aware of other park users.
We are still in need of volunteer support. If you know anyone that would like to join us for the day, please ask them to register here for all of the goodies and perks.
Water Stations & Gel Stations
There is one Water Station located approximately halfway on the course. You may carry your own water and nutrition if you wish. Please be aware that we operate a zero-tolerance policy on littering with immediate disqualification from the race. Please place bottles and gel wrappers in the bins provided at the KM markers or in the large bins by the water station.
Finish Procedure  
On finishing, please move forward to collect your medal, t-shirt and goodie bag. These will be placed onto a table for you to pick up and due to covid regulations, you will be asked to move out of the area as quickly as possible. 
Free 15 minute post-race massage is available but you need to book this service by completing this form.
Tola will need your full name, race number, email address, telephone number and predicted finish time. Please note that it will take up to 40 minutes to start everyone, so you will need to consider this when notifying Tola of your predicted finish time.
You need to book by 5pm on Saturday the 12 June 2021. There will be no appointments available on race day.

Prize Giving
Due to the Covid 19 restrictions, we will not be holding any prize giving on the day, prizes will be posted out. We will have a ‘Podium’ post on our social media platforms to celebrate your success.
Results will be available live on your mobile phone and updated as runners finish.
Results will be available at https://www.sublimeracing.com/live  
Before Raceday, please email info@sublimeracing.com.
On Raceday, please visit the Race Information tent by the Start area.
In the case of an emergency call Race Control on 07444 029661.
Raceday Photos
We will have professional photographers on the course and at the finish line. All photographs will be free to download from our Facebook page. Please allow us a week to upload the photos.
This event has strict guidelines and rules in place to safeguard you and others around you from Covid-19. Attached to this email is the "Sublime Racing Covid Secure Runner's Rules" It is important that you read and familiarise yourself with all the rules and regulations and follow them. We appreciate how much we all miss the social aspect of racing and how other runners cheering at the finish is encouraging and part of the racing ‘family’ support, but to keep everyone safe, public health England guidelines insist that you go straight to your car after your race. We appreciate this is not what you will want to do so your cooperation is hugely appreciated.
Social Distancing
Please observe and uphold the 2m social distancing rules on every part of the course, especially where the course crosses paths or you are running back along a path and meeting others coming the other way
Racing in Hot Weather
At Sublime we pride ourselves on providing an exciting but safe running experience. We will be monitoring the temperature and humidity on the day of the race. There are also a few things you can do to make sure you have a successful race should the weather remain hot.
Ensure you are well hydrated before you start the race being careful not to overdo it. There is plenty of advice online to help you with an effective hydration strategy depending on your weight and body mass.
Don’t expect a PB in hot weather. Your body will be working hard to keep itself cool and naturally slow you down to help reduce heat build-up. Receiving a vaccine will also affect your performance for up to a week afterwards. Even if there are no apparent side effects, your body’s reaction to ‘fighting’ the vaccine will be to increase its temperature, thus reducing the ability to cope with added external heat. If the temperature looks like it will reach 25 deg C or more and you think the temperature will adversely affect you, please notify one of our team in the information tent and we will be happy to defer your entry to another event.
Have a fabulous race and we look forward to seeing you there.
Kind Regards
Martin Jennings
Race Director  
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Registration No.11187750.
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